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Complete production from start to finish we take you through step by step in creating informative videos.. We also have a in-dept knowledge of green screen, multi camera operation and auto cue.

Talks, conference, events,  or festivals we can have multiple cameras on site, and time-lapse photography to capture the experience. 

We do everything from testimonies, product promotion and how to videos. Whether you need a fresh new idea or you know what you want, we create content that matches you and your brand. 

About us

‘A Smart Production’ was founded in 2014 by Tea Smart and Elizabeth Marshall, who have over 10 years combined experience in the film and commercial video industries. 

It started with a background in Film Production at University of Gloucestershire, where their specialist skills were mastered and then nurtured during early years of their careers, assisting on film sets in Bristol and London. They adapt the creative skills learned in film production and apply them to help create high-quality video content for businesses. A Smart Production can effectively cover all aspects of a film crew such as lighting, camera, sound, direction and editing. Being a small in-house unit allows for effective communication, precise execution, a fast turn-around and cost control.  

Tea Smart was born with a camera in her hand, with a never-ending passion to shoot, edit and create. Tea previously worked as a mobile camera operator for an Estate Agency marketing company, filming branches, testimonies, houses and area videos across the country. It was not long till Tea realised she could create better content on her own, which sparked the idea of creating ‘A Smart Production’ with Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth Marshall began her career within the film industry, running on location and in-production offices. Using skills gained from university and knowledge gained from feature sets, she has produced and run her own short film productions from conception to festival screening. She is now responsible for the coordination of ‘A Smart Production’ projects.
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